Loading is the most important SEO factor

Why do I say that?

In my opinion, loading is the main SEO factor, period!

But why?

Because it influences some of other parameters, like bouncerate. For example; somebody enters the website and waits for 15s for the page to load.. that is awful..

In history

You might think that websites loading speed trend is decreasing, but NEAH.. As CMS's like Wordpress, and e-commerce like Magento that are more and more customisabled ..

How does loading affect bouncerate

As you wait for first page to load, you tend to leave the website, hence, a bigger bouncerate. Google sees that and do ranking penalties to your business/website. Usualy you cannot have a low bouncerate with a big load.. that's a thing I never saw..

December 1, 2017 Dan Random blogging

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